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St. Lucia, West Indies Caribbean - Stonefield, Ladera, Jade Mountain Resorts, Excursions and Experience.
Page 2: Destination St. Lucia
Page 3: Driving in St. Lucia
Page 4: Stonefield Estate Resort
Page 5: Stonefield Estate Resort
Page 6: Stonefield Estate Resort
Page 7: Treetop Adventure Park
Page 8: Sulphur Springs Drive-In Volcano
Page 9: Diamond Botanical Gardens
Page 10: Ladera
Page 11: Jalousie Beach
Page 12: Shak Shak Band
Page 13: Soufriere
Page 14: Jade Mountain
Page 15: Moon Sanctuary
Page 16: Manager's Cocktail Party
Page 17: Anse Chastanet Beach
Page 18: Sunset Cruise
Page 19: Trou au Diable Restaurant
Page 20: Whale and Dolphin Watching
Page 21: Jade Mountain Meal Plan Discrepancy
Page 22: Departure
Page 23: Conclusion
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Jade Mountain

Welcome to Resortastic. I've created this site to show and explain in great detail of our experiences at some of the nicest resorts. What you'll read are truthful and unbiased reviews and stories of our experiences. Hopefully this will give you a better perspective of such places should you be researching the destination.

Initially, my wife and I had gotten married back on August 23, 2008. But with both of our work schedule, we had to delay the honeymoon until it's a little slower in the business season (for me anyways). Which was great, because it gave us lots of time to research and decide on our trip. Thanks to the huge archive available and the wonderful members of TripAdvisor, we had decided to make our memories in St. Lucia!

At first we were a little hesitant after reading a story about a couple's bad experience there. But after some reassurances from the many enthusiasts on TripAdvisor, we decided that although it was very unfortunate for them, it is a rare occurrence and people shouldn't refrain from visiting the island because of that alone. Just keep your head on straight and use the same common sense you would at home. More...

For us, we wanted a very unique honeymoon. Most people we know go to more of the mainstream places like Jamaica, Mexico or even Las Vegas. Those are great, but we wanted more exotic. A lush tropical island that we're able to safely explore on our own. St. Lucia was our answer. But with so many beautiful resorts with such great reviews and so little time, we wanted to make our 7 nights/8 days stay the most unique and memorable. After careful and in depth research, we had decided to begin with a great 2 nights at Stonefield Estate Resort, the next 2 nights at the fantastic Ladera Resort and the remaining 3 nights at the unbelievable Jade Mountain Resort. All within Soufriere's touch on the south/western part of the island. My wife and I didn't want the mainstream touristy areas of Castries where the majority of the other resorts were. Peace and quiet, and St. Lucia's major landmarks was what we were after.


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